Lauren Kelly Washington’s Bio

Lauren jamming with the drummers

Lauren Kelly-Washington (BA Ethnic Studies)
founder of BliS* Moves™ *(Body Language is Somatic), has honed her passion for dance and music for nearly 2 decades by studying and performing dance forms such as The Nia Technique, modern, African, Haitian and Middle Eastern. Lauren has also studied a variety of choral and traditional music from the African Diaspora and Eastern Europe. Her earthy alto voice captures the sacred nature of this music.

A perfect compliment to many exercise forms, BliS Moves™ draws from a variety of somatic movements & ethnic dance. Lauren guides classes through, mind centering, a rhythmic warm-up, energetically balanced movements and floor exploration, all while taking an eclectic musical journey around the globe! Lauren has a reputation as an open and loving teacher who is gifted at the art of inviting her students to explore their joy and full potential.

BliS Moves™ is fun, addictive and gratifying for all levels of movers!

You may catch Lauren’s vocal talent in and around the Annapolis area and beyond at churches, festivals or private events. She has recently completed her much anticipated solo CD, With Open Arms, a unique collection of songs journeying through the African Diaspora.